LAITA is a team of talented architects, engineers, and designers, all specializing in different techniques
and processes, continually inspiring each other and learning from one another.


Design and Architecture Director

Hoa’s rich architectural experience at prominent firms such as Nguyen Truong Luu architects and A21studio has given him a comprehensive perspective and a fresh approach to product design. His innovative process established the foundation of architectural thinking for the company. When Hoa co-founded LAITA in 2018, he aspired to build a creative environment that focuses on a comprehensive method of thinking and problem-solving. He wanted the final design to have a sense of cohesion and empathy.


Hoa was the lead designer of the THUN Lounge chair which won the Red Dot Award for Design Concept in 2020.


Office Manager

As an office manager, Hoan is responsible for tying together the energy of all members and the firm’s many disciplines. Without a design background, she started LAITA with Hoa and Hang, following her long-time passion for furniture design.


Her knowledge and experience in managing engineering projects at multinational corporations is a great addition to LAITA. At LAITA, she leverages her experience and intuition in coordinating design projects and effectively connecting designers to the general public.


Chief Designer

After a period of time working in the field of architecture and interior design, Hang decided to pursue her for product design, going on to co-found LAITA in 2018.


Hang has a strong interest in crafts and everyday items. She believes that beauty can be revealed in even the most ordinary of everyday objects. Her designs are subtle and unexpected, culminating in a great user experience.


The U-SHELF is one of Hang’s outstanding designs. It won the Red Dot Award for Design Concept in 2020.


Product Development Lead – Architect

Minh To joined LAITA’s R&D department in 2019. Currently, he works as a designer and is the lead of the R&D department. He is in charge of all product design development for LAITA.


After completing his architectural study in 2017, To has a passion and a special connection to wood materials. Human interaction plays a large part in his design practice. Alongside this, he brings extensive technical insight to transform a design into its final product.


Senior Designer – Product & Graphics

Phuong Anh graduated with a degree in interior design from Tsinghua University, Beijing.


She was one of LAITA’s main design partners at the early stage of its foundation. In 2020, she officially joined LAITA with 7 years of experience in the field of furniture design.


Her signature designs are often natural and eye-catching, while still ensuring a high level of design expertise. Her design is characterized by strong, decisive lines, bringing a unique finish to the final product.



After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Thao lived and worked throughout Vietnam.


Thao joined LAITA in 2020.  She is fascinated by the versatility of different materials and has a habit of observing everyday things creatively and meticulously.


In architectural and product design, Thao uses her strong acumen and intuition to make her designs efficient yet spontaneous, imbibing a sense of fun and positivity to her work.



Duy has been involved in professional architectural projects since he was a university student. He considers himself a quiet architect. Design for him is a way to explore and express his personal views and passions.


As one of our lead architects, Duy has worked on many different projects within the company. His unique architectural thinking and perspective have allowed him to expand his design capabilities into the field of product design and other creative disciplines.


Visual and Graphic Designer

Graduating in product design Khanh brings this expertise to our team but has since developed a particular passion for graphics and communication design.


At LAITA, Khanh is in charge of our communications design and product photography projects. She brings meticulousness, imagination, and an eye for detail to everything she produces.


Khanh is currently working on illustrations and developing new ways to express herself through image-led work.


Product designer

Van has been working at LAITA since 2019, joining us just after graduating in fashion design. Her strength is the ability to visualize ideas abstractly.


In addition to participating in design projects, she is in charge of developing all of our fabric products. Van’s background in fashion design has given her a unique and innovative perspective for product design.


Product Development Engineer

Nang studied and trained in mechanical engineering. He began his career at LAITA as an intern, proudly joining the team in 2019.


Currently, he is a key member of the R&D department. Nang works with our designers to realize and transform their beautiful designs into actual products.


His mechanical insights help designers to quickly and creatively come up with solutions to engineering problems.


Architecture and Design Partner

Tuong was the very first full-time employee at LAITA. One of his first designs was an innovative series of modular kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, and other home storage pieces.  Using these designs as a starting point, he pioneered a set of design standards and practices that LAITA still adheres to today.


Now Tuong is a key collaborator, working on specific projects with us as our design and architectural partner.  He is a meticulous and scientific thinker, aiming for high-quality, sophisticated yet elegant design solutions.


He was the main designer behind the WING desk, winner of the IF Design Award 2021.


Architecture and Design Partner

Trinh completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2015. She worked at the esteemed A21 Studio before joining LAITA in 2019.


Trinh is a key partner and collaborator on our design projects.


Trinh managed the design and development of a home accessory collection for LAITA’s Lam Tam exhibition. She demonstrated her astounding capabilities on this project, specifically bringing an explosion in creative ideas. Her unique, seemingly illogical perspective makes her designs interesting and full of surprises.