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BIBLIO CHAIR – E.Z. Collection

Dimensions: 43 x 38 x 80 cm / Seat height 45 cm.

Price: VND 1,590,000 or $66.

Products are available. Contact LAITA Store to make a purchase.


BIBLIO Chair – Designed for primary school pupils, this chair allows you to sit upright and still lean back comfortably. Made of 8 wooden slats and 3 plywood panels, the chair is light enough for a primary school pupil to move around easily. The back is made from 2 wooden slats that are screwed together in the middle and clamped to the two rear legs, creating a naturally curved back.



E.Z Collection consists of products made with simple woodworking, using basic tools and readily available materials, wood left over from the production of other products. The collection includes 5 items that share the same concept and each product is created by a different designer.


E.Z. gives the customer the products they need for their home, easy to understand, easy to use, quick to buy, not too difficult to think about where to put and how to use. By eliminating unnecessary processes, the design of the E.Z collection emphasises the durability and “raw” beauty of the wood materials used. A democratic approach to design, precise proportions and minimal texture to minimise production costs and optimise assembly processes. The products in the collection are easy to disassemble, easy to repair, convenient and affordable.