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Dimension: 40 x 80 x 75 cm

Price: VND 15,400,000 or $635

Made to order. Lead time: 4 weeks.

Contact LAITA Store to make an order.


HUTIU Trolley is one of the products that has very strong Vietnamese characteristics. The trolley was inspired by the street food stalls that sells Hu Tiu – a type of rice noodle soup in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Hu Tiu is very popular among local diners and familiar to Vietnamese people since childhood. Thus, the nostalgic image of the stall cart becomes a symbol of Vietnamese food street culture and style.


Disguised as a trolley, HUTIU is actually a mobile and foldable dining table. Its compact design means it takes up very little space in the home. What’s more, families can take it on a picnic and use it as a food or wine trolley. Small details such as handles and the folding table top depict the simple but familiar stall cart, and at the same time creates a unique feature for this movable table. Other details are simplified so that the cart can fit in the house. The hand grip is intentionally lower than the normal hand level. Thus, the user has to bend it down a bit. It looks like she/he is serving food to guests.


The Hu Tiu Trolley can also be used as a movable cart to prepare food. Or expanded into a low dining table. When not in use, it can occupy a small corner due to its compact design. It is so versatile that families can bring it with them to their outdoor picnic.