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Made to order. Lead time: 5 weeks.

Material: Powder coated steel

Contact LAITA Store to make an order.


Small panel – 520 x 360 x 30 mm – MOQ: 10 – VND 560,000 or $24

Large panel – 1120 x 350 x 30 mm – MOQ: 5 – VND 995,000 or $40

Short frame – 800 x 404 x 21 mm – MOQ: 6 – VND 495,000 or $21

Tall frame – 1480 x 404 x 21 mm – MOQ: 4 – VND 875,000 or $36


The JUN shelving system offers a smart storage solution for limited spaces that require flexible use and arrangement. With all modular components, the design brings simplicity and elegance to any space. JUN offers unlimited applications and variations. Users can design and build a storage system to suit their own needs, balancing variety, functionality and cost. The shelf consists of only 3 main components, durable and able to be assembled in the simplest way by anyone. The products are designed to meet the needs of convenient use in many different contexts and spaces, from the home to public spaces, offices or shops.