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Dimensions: 35 x 34 x 69 cm / Seat height 65 cm.

Price: VND 2,820,000 or $120.

Products are available. Contact LAITA Store to make a purchase.


RC2 counter stool highlights simplicity and convenience in the urban living environment. The two front legs are smartly designed with smooth and elegant curves, giving the eyes a focal point. The two rear legs are elongated, forming a short backrest and allowing the chair to be easily lifted when necessary. To complement the entity, a delicate steel bar is added as a stretcher, improving stability, as well as allowing your feet to rest and maximizing the aesthetic characters of the construction. The height of RC2 stool makes it suitable for coffee or kitchen counters, while still maintaining accessibility. It proves that comfort and easiness can be seen in any setting, whether standing alone or in groups, no matter the place or space of the environment.