10 iF design award 2021 winners that boost creativity in home offices

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Working from home has gained an entirely new perspective ever since the outbreak of the pandemic. What was considered a luxury for few, has become a need for many. as the lines between private and office life blur, the iF design award 2021 recognizes outstanding ideas and projects that boost creativity in home office designs. From boundary-less smart home technologies to literally desktop fitness machines, these award winners expand the possibility of remote working, lending to more comfort and flexibility, and stimulating better performance.

As a first in a series of award-winning highlights from the iF design award 2021, designboom picks 10 projects that set up the home office to be more creative and productive.



brand: royole corporation

designers: ting jian, chao jiang, cheol woo park

award: iF gold award

The shenzhen-designed ‘rowrite2’ gives note-taking a whole new and intuitive dimension. The device digitally captures handwritten notes and drawings, all of which can later be played back and modified through other smart devices. The leather cover and aluminum frame give the product its premium feel, enhanced with the discreet use of the high-end technology. The elegant magic pen allows optimum precision, and, when not in use, it magnetically and effortlessly attaches to its grip. Finally, the pad’s wireless charging and long battery life can promise up to 30 days of standby power.



name: walkolution

brand: walkolution gmbh

As seating hours are becoming longer, agility tends to decrease. to tackle the issue, german-designed ‘walkolution’ offers users a much healthier lifestyle. As a first of its kind, the quiet and non-motorized treadmill is fitted with an ergonomic desk and backrest that simultaneously allows working and walking. As if that wasn’t enough, to elevate the health aspect further, for every 10,000 steps a client walks the company plants a tree. The eco-friendly manufactured product is compact, easy to roll, and walk.


Philips B1D5000

name: philips B1D5000

brand: philips

designers: philips, tpv technology group

award: iF gold award developed by philips

The home and office monitor gives users an innovative combination of screen technology. Following people’s requirements and needs, the tech-company develops a two-in-one e-ink display, optimizing its performance and usage. The sophisticated design allows an efficient swift of the dual monitor, while the stand grants a unique tilt and personalized height adjustment. The product’s versatility and flexibility can be adapted both at home as well as the actual office environment.



name: foresty

brand: fursys inc.

designers: claudio bellini design+design

Cancelling noise continues to be a key element in work environments, especially during the COVID era. ‘Foresty’ tackles sound absorption together with visual privacy and space efficiency. The colorful tree-like acoustic panels come in four different sizes and are available in various colors and patterns. With the diverse, fun combinations, the fact that each stands independently from the other allows workers to personalize any sized-space as desired and flourish it.


Combo Rack

name: combo rack

brand: litem L&C

designers: hogeun youn, naeun cho

The space-saving, multi-desk organizer ‘combo rack’ could not be missing from the list. The all-in-one, three-tier bookshelf and pen holder with trays and drawers compacts everything that one could need in a workday. The product’s convenience allows storage of varied size stationery, completed at the top with a pencil holder. When working from home, organization is key and this south – korean design makes sure of it.


name: nia

brand: haworth gmbh

designers: brodbeck-koepp design

Developed with ergonomic specialists and physio therapists, ‘nia’ makes long working hours at home or the office more comfortable. Movement of the lower back while seating can significantly prevent pain – and the chair takes care of that. Its pivoting mechanism, located in the backrest, allows users to reach a 360° rotation and thus set any preferred angle; the customizable factor makes working more pleasant.


ECLEAR Mist (stick type)

name: eclear mist

brand: elecom co.

It is no secret that even the thought of being exposed to bacteria has become a worry. Whether at home, the office, or any other working environment, ‘eclear mist’ breaks down the dry air and helps resist viruses. The plastic portable humidifier can be used anywhere, including cars; all it needs is its water tank and USB power. In the amidst of coronavirus, the intelligently designed device makes working feel safer.



name: kable

brand: westlake home goods LLC

designers: yang wenlong, wang ziyuan, wang yan

Its minimal yet playful design makes ‘kable’ sit naturally in any environment, be it the garden or the office. The portable table features USB and type-C ports, making it a charging station for laptops, phones, and any other smart devices. To make use easier in any kind of space, the product is fitted with a 4-meter cord that can be gently retracted from the leg. Moreover, its structure ensures practical carrying as well as flat packaging.


Alcove Workstation

name: alcove workstation

brand: alcove group

A simple laptop case that turns into a private workstation allows moving from one location to another, easier done than said. ‘alcove workstation’ makes this process faster and even more enjoyable. The Japanese brand develops a stylish, unfolding set up that, on top of an efficient work space, also offers each user their own privacy.


name: wing

designers: bui minh tuong from laita design

Remote working requires comfort and practicality. The delicately-designed ‘wing’ desk not only stylizes the space but also elevates a professional atmosphere at home. The easily disassembled legs allow users to move, easily carry and fit the product through rooms, in order to place it in the most desirable room. Constructed in wood and available in various colors, the desk adds a touch of elegance in any space.