Product Portfolio


LAITA is a Vietnamese design and creative studio. We focus on creating innovative architecture, furniture design, product design, interior décor and graphic design. Our mission is to deliver interdisciplinary, creative pieces which cross boundaries in this age of connectivity.


Founded in 2018, LAITA’s philosophy is to establish effective, sustainable research and development design processes.


In September 2019, we established a unique Research and Design Center. Whilst the landscape of product design is growing and expanding in Vietnam, our R&D center is the first of its kind. It establishes LAITA as a leader in product design and gives our team space and opportunity to develop their creative vision and skills. Our R&D center has also allowed us to tap into an even bigger pool of design talent, expanding our team in a stimulating environment that aligns with our philosophy and goals.


We take time and care throughout our design process, starting with problem identification and research, moving on to design, prototyping, product testing, and extensive evaluation. We encourage our team to freely experiment with an array of materials and to explore different creative approaches.