trở về

In FESTIVAL HUE 2021, LAITA was responsible for both the design of the exhibition space, as well as the branding and logo designed. Took place in the heart of Huong River Opera House, the exhibition space was divided into 3 areas for 3 exhibition groups: Tradition, Modern and Commercials. In this project we employed unpainted fire-proof panels, arranged alongside the curves of the opera house, in order to create a beautiful and stunning landscape from the above.


Each panel module consists of 3 sides to achieve convenience in transporting and assembling. Terraced platforms provide a wide range of display heights and different sizes for the exhibits. The versatile design can also accommodate for fashion shows to take place during the festival.


Starting from the idea: ‘ the space is the brand’, we emphasized on color blocks that represent our intentions upon the constructed modules. LAITA wants to stress on the beauty of two-worlds design: the old in the new, the traditions mixed with the contemporary.