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Dimensions: 182 x 47 x 42 cm.

Price: VND 11,800,000 or $495.

Products are available. Contact LAITA Store to make a purchase.


In geometry, a triangle is a basic polygon with the least number of edges. Inherently rigid, it’s the only two dimensional polygon that is absolutely fixed in shape up to the compressive and tensile limits of its edges. Thanks to its wide base, a triangle requires less of material for the same stability in cause of force. On the other hand, an inverted triangle shape is strong, but need to be supported to stay balanced.


The design of TAGI Bench was based on characteristics of triangle. The bench’s cross-sections include equilateral triangles. Two triangles form the two ends of the bench with the bottom edges creating a strong and stable base. The body is shaped by a smooth transition from these 2 triangles into inverted triangles. The wide bottom edges turn upward and become a comfortable seat. The use of inverted triangle also makes rooms for footrest. Two or more benches can be connected with each other to create a lengthy sitting area.