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* This product can be purchased at Nha Xinh.


The WING DESK is an elegant piece of office furniture, aiming to create a professional, but stylish atmosphere in the home working environment. Its uncomplicated design means it can easily adapt for any design scheme, either at home or in office. The WING desk is beautiful in its simplicity. Inspired by the strength of airplane wings, the desk presents a surprise. From one side it appears as a very thin table-top of approximately 6mm, but on the other side, there are two usable drawers. 


Despite the depth of the table-top, the desk is incredibly sturdy. Its innovative design means that the desk is supported by its own structure. The two drawers in the center of the desk provide its beam support, while the legs can be dissembled and re-assembled easily. Its flowing shape is constructed from technical woods, yet the desk is highly functional, with two power sockets built into its top. Graceful and unassuming, this design fits neatly into any space and can come in a variety of colors. 


The WING desk can be created with minimal impact on our planet. It can withstand significant weight, whilst remaining easily shippable. By moving to an alternative lighter material, such as plywood, LAITA has expected to see greater benefits in terms of saved energy and CO2 during manufacturing and in transportation.


This design has won iF Design Award 2021, in the category of Office – Product Design. Link