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Located in a furniture industrial zone, this administrative building and showroom was designed with the focus on elegance and delicacy. It is suitable for the local climate, operational effectiveness and energy usage.


Thermo woods were used as the main construction materials for the East and West facades, improving the building heat resistance, and at the same time, achieving a light and friendly outer layer for the entire building. The other two sides come with glass to widen your eye view from a direct perspective.


This building will be the very first and important destination when clients visit the industrial complex. An area of 2.300 square meters, accounted for 70% of the entire floor plan, is dedicated for showrooms of various sizes, each created with different specific characteristics. They also serve as a beehive for the Design Department to plan and work on different projects with clients on-site.


We employed prefabricated materials to fasten the construction process. Solar panels were also used to supply power as a method of energy conservation.