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CUOI CORNER is a fascinating project which LAITA re-imagines and re-creates the existence of a unique entity. Located in the heart of a residential area in Thu Dau Mot (Binh Duong), in the span of 6000 square meters and built exclusively on the theme of  ‘Street Life’, CUOI CORNER is destined to become an intriguing complex that is dedicated for both cultural and entertainment purposes. Its operations are going to be diverse, practical and multi-functional. CUOI CORNER promises to be the new sought-after hotspot in Binh Duong area.


Situated right across Thu Dau Mot University, CUOI CORNER delivers a delightful balance to the crowded hustling life by night, and a casual, light-hearted lifestyle by day. We created 3 elements: the Streets, the Scenery, and the Architecture to let them co-exist and create a mutual and balanced energy for the entire landscape. Our focus leans towards the ‘connecting’ areas, where both indoor and outdoor spaces seem to beautifully blend, giving a sense of flexibility. This space leads to a wide, spacious walking streets which are filled with vendors and other culturally rich activities – creating a form of outdoor lifestyle that is not only unique but also symbolic and unforgettable.


We, as creators at LAITA, participate in this project as Creative Strategic Consultant of Urban Planning, Architecture and Interior Design.