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CHIU CHIU MURALS was the first product announced from LAITA’s debut collection. The name is derived from Chiếu, Vietnamese for the beloved household mat. This versatile mat has been used in the region for centuries, acting as a floor-dining space, or as somewhere to sleep. It is a common symbol of Vietnam, frequently employed in depictions of the country.


Made with sedge (a grass-like plant), this distinctively designed item creates a new cadence in sedge-making, illustrating that even old techniques can be reborn.What thrusts this product firmly into the spotlight is it’s striking Bauhaus patterns. Working with graphic designer Linh Trinh, LAITA combine European-born Bauhaus and the Vietnam-born mat in an apt composite. It is fitting that the first item from LAITA’s collection is marked by a dedication to transcending cultural barriers, offering harmony between function and design. Seven stunning versions of the Chiuchiu Mural are currently on offer, all adorned with shapes in tropical colours. Ochre yellows, deep reds, velvety browns, and leaf greens combine in a unique smattering of crisp geometric configurations, all holding a deeper connection to the past of Vietnam and to the future of this rising design collective.


Designed in collaboration with Linh Trinh.