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HOUSE 49 is a unique two bedroom home, designed with quirky details, natural light and earthy materials.


Set in a residential hem, or alleyway, the house’s exterior structure assimilates into the traditional style of the street, but with a few features that signal something special. Small windows protrude angularly from the upper planes, a vine plant dangles down the exterior wall and a wooden door with a stylish log shaped handle marks the entrance into the house. Despite not having a single glass window, the house is completely full of natural light. It spills from a large skylight at the top of a central stairwell and peppered throughout the house instead of customary windows are shapely circular or crescent cavities which bring even more sunlight, as well as air in.


House 49 not only combines stylish functionality with air and space but also brings in a playfulness to the abode. House 49 should feel like a secret to its visitors. Everyone who comes here should feel as though they are having a totally unique experience. Look carefully and you will note that there are very few straight vertical lines in the space. The exterior window from the master bedroom balcony sits at a jaunty angle, as does doorway to the shared split-level space in the upper-floor hall, and the ceiling in the kitchen. These unconventional touches are distinctive markers of LAITA’s design ethos.


Location: District 2, HCM City


Customer: Mrs. Thuy 


Area: 340 m2