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Dimension: 133.5 x 62 x 88 cm

Made to order. MOQ: 5. Lead time: 5 weeks

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PIETA Lounge Chair was inspired by Pieta – a subject in Christian Art depicting the Virgin Mary taking Jesus down from the Cross. The Virgin Mother sits on a low chair, carrying her son in her lap. Jesus lies peacefully resting on a lounge chair. The Pieta Lounge Chair re-imagines the figure of the Virgin Mary and Jesus into a combination of two chairs. 


The chair’s fold lines are simplified as much as possible, making it easy to relate to the subject of Pieta. However, the design still follows ergonomic standards that allow a comfortable sitting posture. The Pietà lounge chair is flexible and can be separated into two independent chairs. Or can be combined into a single lounge chair. It can be used for sitting or lying. The upper part of lounge chair is designed so that it can also rock back and forth. The height is purposefully kept lower than the normal lounge chair, so that no extra ottoman chair is needed. The chair is finished with fabric upholstery.


Initially, we designed the two parts tied together. When prototyping, it appeared not necessary. The two parts can stay separate and lead to a very unique experience. A lounge chair can rock, split and merge.