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TERRAZZO is LAITA’s very first furnishing accessories collection, made entirely from Terrazzo. We’d like to merge a time-honored construction material with modern creative twists. This centuries-old fragmented pattern traces back to Italy where it was used in the flooring technique of bonding unused marble scraps on wet clay or cement bases. But we found it a lot more than a leftover design decision. Transitioning from humble roots, terrazzo ascended to distinctive home accents & accessories.


A common belief is that “Life is in the details”. A house without accessories would be uninteresting. Accessories lend personality, charm and individuality to a house. Each person’s selection and arrangement will reflect his/her own interest and sensitivity to good design. The finishing touches to a house’s décor is largely about the accessory pieces. A well-designed accessory can bring joy or change the ambience of a room. Some accessories will have specific functions, others will be purely decorative. The functional group may include clocks, cups, book holders, etc. Decorative accessories might include plant pots, mirrors, flower vases etc.