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Material: Aluminium.

BISTRO table: D60 x 73 cm / Price: VND 7,780,000 or $330

COFFEE table: D80 x 45 cm / Price: VND 10,850,000 or $460

Products are available. Contact LAITA Store to make a purchase.


THE ONE table prides itself on its very main component: the central pillar. Depending on the users’ perspective and angle of light, this pillar shape-shifts into various silhouettes, from rectangular to faceted form. From the top, the pillar’s square edges are chamfered down, transforming the square into eight tall triangles. It seemingly twists itself 45 degrees to finally meet at the four-flanged base, securely affirming its pose. With simplicity in design and luxury in mind, THE ONE comes in 2 variations each holding its own individual style and functionality.