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KLO Dining Chair 

Dimension: 46 x 60 x 72 cm / Seat H 44 cm

Price: VND 12,870,000 or $545

Made to order. MOQ: 20. Lead time: 6 weeks.

Contact LAITA Store to make an order.


Our main goal was to design a modern chair at a reasonable price. We have succeeded in optimising production costs while maintaining quality and even improving comfort and aesthetics. 


Combining the strong lines of contemporary architecture with the classic silhouette of a semi-armchair, KLO strikes a balance between cohesive design and unexpected elements. The curves that connect each of the chair’s planes share the same bend angle, helping to balance the strong lines. All this creates a harmonious, neutral whole, as if sculpted from a single piece of wood. The curved plywood seat represents a youthful spirit, as if trying to break out of the chair’s frame. The small gap between the seat and legs, and the bevelled cut behind the backrest adds optimal stability in combination with a light and floating expression.


The precisely measured pitches, lengths and curves provide comfortable support while allowing for a variety of seating positions. The edge contours share the same curvature, just enough to avoid discomfort and at the same time keep wood consumption to a minimum. On the backrest, the contact point that carries the most weight has a larger curvature to optimise comfort and stability. The position of the armrest allows the elbow to be placed naturally and was also designed to make it easier to hold, move and pull the chair closer to the dining table. The short length of the armrests and the lower height of the backrest are deliberately lower than the table top to ensure a tidy arrangement of the chairs around the table. A piece of furniture with a clean look can help it integrate into many environments.


The compact size of the KLO chair is suitable for the average townhouse in Vietnam, and fits to the average Vietnamese and Asian builds.


To achieve an affordable price, we thought about optimising production at an early stage. The same bending mould is used for many different components, not only for the KLO dining chair, but also for other items in the same collection. The curved seat, back legs and two struts are made from plywood and wooden bars in popular sizes, reducing machining time and material waste.