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Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 46 cm.

Price: VND 2,680,000 or $115 – Beech Wood / VND 2,950,000 or $127 – Teak Wood

Products are available. Contact LAITA Store to make a purchase.


I-PO is a multi-functional and foldable step stool. A simple folding mechanism is the highlight of this design, where users only need to hold and lift. The upper part and the bottom base are connected through a gravity pivot hinge, allowing users to open and fold smoothly. When unfolded, I-PO can be used both as a sitting stool and as a 2 level step stool. When folded, it transforms into a side table or a small shelf, suitable for any corner of the house. Whatever form it takes, I-PO is versatile, adaptable to any urban and modern living space.